Mermaid FAQs

Sizing of our tails
Mermaid Me Tail Blankets are available in two sizes. Kids and Adult.
Kids Tails are recommended for ages up to 6 years. This is based on average sizing (tall mermaids should go up to adult)
We have checked in with other VIP mermaids and news on the reef is that the blankets are the same sizing towards the tail and by going up a size over 6 years, just allows more snuggle blanket at the top.

Quality - Are they itchy?
There would be nothing worse than being scratched by the coral reef all day! We have sourced yarn that is not only comfort ready but also durable and breathable. With our chosen knit ratio, our blankets are breathable making them not too hot, not to cold... just right. Mermaids can feel comfortable in their tail all year round. Similar to weighted blankets, the enclosed tail provides comfort, security and a happy place for daily snuggles and cuddles through stormy seas. Mermaid Me Tail Blankets roll up beautifully for storage.


Where would we use our tails?
After a long day dashing around under the sea, snuggle down into a soft, stretchy and comforting tail. Perfectly paired with a movie marathon, Mermaid Me Tail Blankets look beautiful draped over the sofa. Our mermaid VIP's have sent us feedback using their tails in the following places;

  • Gifting
  • Camping
  • Road Trips
  • Picnics
  • TV, Lounge time and Movies
  • Sleepovers
  • Mermaid Themed Parties
  • Reading Nooks
  • Flights and Travel
  • Posting on Social Media, TikToks and More

Caring for your blanket
Our yarn is easy to wash, dries quickly, retains shape and is soft, stretchy and anti-piling.

          Handwashing is always the best and safest method for washing your tail.
    • Add a squirt of mild laundry liquid to a clean basin or wash bucket filled with cool to warm water.
    • Submerge your tail and gently use your flippers to agitate the water to evenly distribute the soap. If needed, soak for up to 30 minutes.
    • Rinse well in running cool water until your tail is no longer soapy. Please do not twist or stretch wring out your tail when wet. A preferred method after handwashing is to gently press the water out of your tail.
          Delicate Machine Wash is also acceptable.
    • It is recommended to place tail in a large mesh washing bag.
    • Use your machines recommended setting for mild detergent for a delicate wash.
           Lets Get Dry and Ready To Flip. 
    • Lay your tail in its natural shape on a drying rack or hang to dry.
    • Do not put it in the dryer!
Shipping, Where are you Mermaid Me?
Mermaid Me Tail Blankets are shipped from the East Coast of Sydney, Australia. We sit among beautiful beaches filled with mermaid spirit. Many mermaids call our beautiful waters home. If you order before 2pm, our warehouse mermaids will pop your tail in the dolphin post on the same day you order (weekdays only and not public holidays)

If you change your mind, we will offer refunds on purchases returned in original unused condition to our sea cave within 30 days. 

Why are alot of colours out of stock?
We are fussy little mermaids and we love to stay on trend. Over the years we have had many colours and designs. Our blankets require skill and are sometimes hard to source at the quality we require. There are many imitations! We often swim upstream to ensure our blankets remain at the quality you mermaids deserve on your delicate flippers. Our tails flip in and flip out all year round. So, if there is a blanket there that makes your smile, dive in and order, don't miss out on our limited quantities. We have left our past designs and colours up for your to see our reviews.

Reviews ★★★★★
If our mermaids are happy and comfy then so are we! We let our tailed up mermaids speak for us. You are welcome to view our excellent tail reviews on our website.

Customer Service
When you contact us, you will speak to a real mermaid lover based in Australia. Our vision for mermaid tails started in 2017. We have a love of all things beachy, magical and imaginative. We also want all our mermaids to live their best life! In 2017 we knew two little mermaids who loved to snuggle up and watch movies and read tales of mermaid days. They would dream about the wonder of what went on under the seas surface and they wished upon the waves of mermaids.

All recommended techniques are based on researched material science and quality product testing in house at Mermaid Me Australia. Not all garments may perform and react as science would predict, please treat your tail with care.
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